What is Brokeh?


Brokeh = Soft Broken Color


Brokeh is a marriage of two terms...


Bokeh is a photographic term for soft focus.  


Broken Color is the scientific discovery by Isaac Newton that white light can be “broken” into the colors of the rainbow and also the term for the use of color in Impressionist art. 


Science Meets Art

Brokeh is science filtered through the lens of art. Brokeh lighting is dynamic and vibrant; it connects on an emotional level with the observer making it a powerful tool for cinematographers and photographers.


The Physics of Brokeh

The Brokeh system uses light physics to achieve its dramatic effects, including broken color theory,angle of (light ray) incidencespecular highlights(as related to photography and the human face) and curved color patternsthat mix the light to achieve both separation of color and natural blending.




The Brokeh System uses additive broken color theory to create white light using combinations of complementary colors and color harmonies.  When added together the colors make white light, however, because the colors are separated in the Brokeh patterns, irregularly shaped subjects such as human faces will have subtle color shifts as the angle of incidencechanges over curves and small iirregularities (pores, etc.). The effect is a softening of the imperfections of the subject’s face.


In the photo above, a mannequin head has been covered in silver spheres to mimic the reflection of specular highlights on the human face. The top row is illuminated with a Brokeh FEK (Facial Enhance Key) pattern. The bottom row uses only flat white light.



The F Series come in sets of 3 Patterns (FEK, FAK, FEF) they are used on soft lights as key or fill. Please indicate the size of your soft light diffusor when ordering.*


The N Series are printed on large substrates for reflection or transmission. (Claycoat or Magic Cloth) they are used in frames (4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 12x12, 20x20) with grommets and ties.


*Due to limited availability Brokeh Products are currently rental only items. 

Brokeh patterns fall into two main categories:


F series (Facial enhancement and contour control)


N Series (Natural environment)


Both F and N series make faces look better


Brokeh F Series


The Brokeh patterns work by arranging dominant and complementary facial colors on a substrate. A human face in front of the pattern will reflect and absorb the colors on the pattern in different ways. It makes a human face it’s own contrast filter white the rest of the image is unaffected.


No more bleached out faces falling victim to an army of flat white lights. With Brokeh, every movement of the face creates infinite combinations of color mixing that will keep your 4K and 8K cameras busy.

Brokeh N Series

The result? 

Undetectable lighting sources with natural, vibrant skin tones! 

Both the physics and esthetic side of broken color theory coexist in the Brokeh System. Perception of depth and the Impressionists’ ideas of feeling the sensation and beauty of light are all the result of deliberate positioning of dynamic colors that make faces look more vibrant.


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