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Some words from the Inventor of Brokeh


"No cinema or photographic tool is worth much unless it furthers artistic freedom. Brokeh can be glamorous when used in a portrait setting - but the goal of the system is to aid the director of photography move into any lighting set up where she/he can make the subject look more authentic and put their own visual stamp on it.


As much as possible this site will be sharing the latest tricks that working DPs are using to get the most out of Brokeh on currently running sets. Have fun!" - John Tindall


The Inventor of Brokeh


Director John Tindall researched a way to light actors in a more authentic way than using flat white light sources. His answer was to break the visible spectrum into parts and let them mix on the face (like real life). Working with industry DP's, like Julio Macat, John set about to create a controlled system that would maintain color balance and still have effect. After 5 years of research Brokeh was born and it exceeded all expectations. By using dominant and complementary colors in the F Series (Facial), Brokeh can change the way that light renders the shape of faces.




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John Tindall

Tindall Vision Laboratories
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