Brokeh Lighting System Bring life to light
Brokeh Lighting System Bring life to light

NEF (Nature Enhance Facial) 

The N Series are printed on large substrates for reflection or transmission.They are used in frames (4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 12x12, 20x20) with grommets and ties.


*Due to limited availability Brokeh Products are currently rental only items. 


With the Brokeh N (Nature) series of patterns the lighting is undetectable!


Brokeh surrounds your photographic subject with areas of different colors. The colors land at different angles on your subject and that's where the magic happens. No more bleached out faces falling victim to an army of flat white lights. With Brokeh, every movement of the face creates infinite combinations of color mixing that will keep your 4K and 8K cameras busy.


The background in the photo below is also used as a light source. The colors are balanced to make white light in total, but since each color strikes the face from a slightly different angle you get the dazzling Brokeh results. 




Some of the Brokeh lighting modifiers are designed to “disappear” when seen as reflections in glassware or black cars. Many of these patterns can even be used as backdrops because they create the illusion of out of focus environments. And there is never a color shift with Brokeh: Broken colors that make photographic white light. 

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