Brokeh Lighting System Bring life to light
Brokeh Lighting System Bring life to light

What is Brokeh?

Brokeh = Soft Broken Color


Brokeh is a marriage of two terms...


Bokeh is a photographic term for soft focus.  


Broken Color is both a technique used by Impressionist painters and the scientific discovery by Isaac Newton that white light can be “broken” through refraction into the colors of the rainbow.



The Inventor of Brokeh

Director John Tindall researched a way to light actors in a more authentic way than using flat white light sources. His answer was to break the visible spectrum into parts and let them mix on the face (like real life). Working with industry DP's, like Julio Macat, John set about to create a controlled system that would maintain color balance and still have effect. After 5 years of research Brokeh was born and it exceeded all expectations. By using dominant and complementary colors in the F Series (Facial), Brokeh can change the way that light renders the shape of faces.


Everyone has an Angle

Brokeh works because each color in the pattern strikes the face at a different angle of incidence. This creates a feeling of greater depth while at the same time softening the imperfections and spectral highlights. 


Science Meets Art

Brokeh is science filtered through the lens of art. Brokeh lighting is dynamic and vibrant; it connects on an emotional level with the observer making it a powerful tool for cinematographers and photographers.


bring life to your light

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