Brokeh Lighting System

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What is the The Brokeh Lighting System? 


Brokeh is a revolutionary system of special color patterns that fit on all your soft lighting sources.





The Brokeh pattern colors mix together to make "white" light; the magic happens as each color in the pattern strikes the face at a different angle of incidence


This creates deeper facial modeling while softening imperfections and blending spectral highlights. 



Brokeh makes faces look thinner than ordinary soft white light



Most of all, the Brokeh Lighting System makes your subject lighting feel organic to the scene. No more plastic-looking humans. The actors appreciate it on the set because the light looks and feels natural. When people in front of your camera are relaxed it make your work that much easier.


Director Bennett Lasseter and DP Vincent Patin have wrapped "The Ultimate Playlist of Noise"  They are featured guests at this Friday's Brokeh Demo. 

Director of photography Vincent Patin (pictured) useda complete complement of Brokeh Lighting System patterns on this feature film, including the F and N series and new Facial "Bi-Chroic" filter. 


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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thank you to everyone who has ordered Brokeh Products! Production is ramping up as quickly as quality control will allow. We know that there are delays and appreciate your excitement and patience.   



Brokeh fixes many problems associated with using flat white light

  • Adds dynamic contouring to all shades of skin tones
  • Creates smoother, pearlescent complexions
  • Minimizes blemishes and defects
  • Faces appear thinner than with flat light


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